"Mandalorians don't make threats. We make promises."

Ranks and Wages

  Al'Ori'Ramikade Leader -------
  G'alor Aide-De-Camp/2iC -------
  Ko'verd General  Share of Faction Income
  Al'verde  Commander  Share of Faction Income
  Ori'lor  Major  Share of Faction Income
  Alor'ad Captain Share of Faction Income
  Ver'alor Lieutenant Share of Faction Income
  Ge'ver'alor  Ensign 1,000,000

Note on Wages

Only active members are paid their wages, as we do not support the teachings of Arasuum -God of idleness.

As mercenaries, the income we make varies based on the jobs we take. Verd'ike and above receive a percentage of all money the faction makes, paid out as soon as the Mando'ade are paid as well as bonuses! Ge'verde also receive a monthly salary although it will usually not exceed what the Verd'ike made for that month.


All Mando'ade will be given armour, weapons, a ship, as well as any other tools they need to do their jobs.